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Skreach is an old West Country word for cider which seems appropriate as I use a mixture of apples from Cornish and West Country orchards. All our cider is made from freshly pressed apples – NEVER concentrate! – here in St Buryan. The juice is fermented and then blended, to make a medium and a dry cider.

Apple Orchard

A Full “Kingston Black” Apple Tree

French 1958 mobile hydraulic press

However, my cider press is French – a 1958 mobile hydraulic press, originally used in the cider orchards of Brittany and Normandy. I have had it fo four years now – it came from my cider-making mentor, John Watt, who ran The Cornish Cider Company. It requires muslin nets for making the cheeses rather than oat straw, making up to nine cheeses at a time. With a few helping hands, I can press as many as 5 tons of apples a day.
Like many cider makers, I have used old port pipes for making the cider in, but I am currently working with ex-whisky barrels from Scotland.


ex-whisky barrels from Scotland

A Glass Of Skreach

My aim is to produce a quality still cider on a small scale, that drinks as well by the fireside in winter as it does on a summer’s day in the garden.

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